Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just a few more days until the Maine Quilts Show in Augusta. Join us Thursday evening for the champagne preview - always a great way to see the quilts before the daytime crowds. The show continues Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. More info on the website: www.mainequilts.org/Quilt_Show/

I'll be conducting appraisals there for the last time, since I plan to retire from appraising at the end of this year. However, I'm not leaving the quilt scene anytime soon! My new focus will be to share my passion for quilts by offering programs to clubs, guilds, historical societies, and discussion groups. More information is on my website: www.bonniedwyer.com

Appraisals are available on a walk-in basis, as time allows. Or, contact me to schedule an appointment.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'll bet many of you didn't know...

Did you know there is a Quilter's Hall of Fame? Really. The sports-minded folks in my family snicker whenever I mention of it, but those who make, study, and appreciate quilts know this Hall of Fame is worthy of respect  - even if no athletic prowess is involved in achieving quilt fame.

Next week the QHF celebrates the 10th year of its grand opening of the Marie Webster House in Marion, Indiana. Ruth McDowell will be the 45th honoree to be inducted. There are several programs, lectures, and workshops being offered. More information is on their website at: http://quiltershalloffame.net/

At the Heat Fair, (c) 2008, Ruth McDowell

For more info about quilt artist Ruth McDowell and her fabulous work, visit http://www.ruthbmcdowell.com/

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Quilt Show. Another tote bag!

The Vermont Quilt Festival 2014 is now history, and I am again so thankful I can attend this one nearly every year. I am never disappointed. There are fabulous workshops, exhibits, lectures, door prizes and vendors.

I attended a day-long workshop with Velda Newman about techniques for creating texture on quilts, as well as one with Jane Davila, entitled "Working in a Series." More about those in a future blog.

I now take technique workshops, rather than project-based classes. I already have way too many unfinished projects! Techniques provide more tools for creating art quilts.

What to do with all those tote bags? I use them for various tasks, including shopping and storing projects. Ultimately, I rotate them out by filling older ones with items to donate to Goodwill and they go with the donation. Just one step in downsizing. Downsizing. Now that is another whole SERIES of blogs!